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Monday, December 16, 2013

Social Butterflies

The last few days our social calendars with RV’ing buddies has been full.  Our friends, Rhonda and Susan (No Bad Days RVing blog), stopped by to camp with us for a few days on their westward journey across Interstate 10.  We met this great Canadian couple a few years ago in southern Florida and have kept in touch ever since.  Rhonda’s always game to grab her camera or binoculars and join us for walks in the woods with Spirit and Sue is always good for keeping us company with a few good laughs and a vodka concoction or two.  The girls split their time between Ontario, southern Florida and where ever else their big 5th wheel takes them.  We share their enthusiasm for enjoying the nomadic lifestyle and clicked from day one.  They have been a tremendous resource guiding us to some of the best campgrounds, cities to visit, and where to find the best seafood pizza in the world.  Gotta love those recommendations!  We are super glad they decided to hang out with us for a few days as they travel across the country. 

Me, Rhonda, Betsy, and Susan at the Red Bar in Grayton Beach

We also met up with the Jennifer and Deas Nealys (Nealys on Wheels) again when they invited us over to their house for a sunset party.  The party was a great mix of their friends (some RV’ers, non-RV’ers, and RV’ing wanna-be’s).  The group melded perfectly and we had a blast meeting their friends who included Cherie and Chris from Technomadia blog.  Their awesome beach house was filled with fun people, great food, and hours of laughter. 

Betsy, me, Gail, Don, Cherie, Chris, Deas, and Jennifer
Our waiter, Billy, trying to explain the menu to
a rowdy crowd.
Next up on the social schedule, was a visit to the Red Bar with our old and new RV’ing friends.  The Red Bar is a legendary eatery and drinking establishment that matches its’ eclectic d├ęcor with local characters that perfectly transforms the building into a funky mix of fun.  If you have ever been to this area and not made a pilgrimage to the Red Bar, you have been living in a world too small and boring.  We took in a great lunch filled with the sounds of Dread Clampitt – a band as much a part of the Red Bar’s character as the ripped album posters that grace the ceiling. The band pulls off a soulful mix of bluegrass, rock & roll, blues, jazz and Bayou funk that keeps the crowd clapping and the floor vibrating.  Just when the crowd thought the day was going perfectly, in walked Sam Bush, a Grammy Award winner famous for his American bluegrass style to continue the jamming. 

Sam Bush jammin' on the fiddle with Dread Clampitt

Ah, the day was not quite done.  After a hike with Spirit to rectify our fish and chips lunch, we were ready for our next gathering at the Local Catch restaurant.  More good food and music with great friends and we were back to Rhonda and Sue’s for a night cap with Kinky Vodka and Chocolate Cake Vodka.  Good times . . . all to be repeated another time, I'm sure.  


  1. Great sunset pic! I didn't realize you ladies were such party animals. ;)

  2. LOL. It happens every two or three years!

  3. Goodness--I'm exhausted just reading about your social calendar!

  4. Oh you kids! Glad you did find the time for walking Spirit, or you would have had some 'splainin' to do! :cD

  5. Maybe you need a social secretary! What fun times.

  6. What a fantastic few days it has been.. and we are so blessed to have met you both. Cheers to many more adventures ahead, and hope to see you both out there somewhere again.

    1. We share the same feelings. Hope our paths may cross again soon.


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