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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spiked Fireside Lemonade

What is better than lemonade on a warm, sunny late afternoon?  How about a splash of bourbon in your lemonade?  Last week, Betsy and I went to a new restaurant near us (called “V Seagrove”) and enjoyed blackened yellowfin tuna steak and seared foie gras for an early dinner and it just seemed a couple of cocktails were in order.  Betsy ordered an “Equator” that rocked her world.  Now, I am not sure why this drink was called "Equator" but names aside she really liked it and said “you should make this at home.”  I was up for the challenge so I reread the bar menu to find out just what ingredients made up this magical concoction and took a sip (or two, or three) to imprint the taste. 

I’m not sure how my drink compares to the restaurants, but my challenger gave me the sign of approval (which translates to the gratifying statement, “mmm, this is good!”) every time I make her one.   By the way, it seems to be a perfect fireside cocktail.  Wonder why Betsy wants the fire started earlier and earlier?

So here is my version of the Equator . . . or as I like to call “Kentucky Lemonade” . . .


  1. Holy Moses! I think that would set me right on my ear! :)

  2. Hmm, not much lemon juice as compared to bourbon in that drink. Maybe it should be call Lemonade Spiked Bourbon... ;c)

  3. I'm with Paul's comment! Michael said, "that's one potent drink she's making!"

  4. Need this for one of our fireside chats. Yum


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