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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Welcomed Visit

It’s been a week since Betsy’s brother Mark drove into Florida to pay us a visit.  It has been nearly two years since we saw Mark which makes this a long overdue get together.  Mark spends six months of the year working at his bed and breakfast, the Maples Inn in Bar Harbor, Maine. (Click here to read a past blog about our experience running the Inn while Mark was away - it was quite the week.)  The Inn is closed during the winter which leaves him free to return to his beloved Chicago and time to travel around visiting friends and family.  We were super happy when he put us on his travel list. 

And we were super ecstatic when he showed up with live lobsters from our favorite sea food market in Pensacola (Joe Patti’s) and king cake from New Orleans.  Nothing like a Maine lobster feast in Florida.

Mark is game for just about anything so we have been busy showing him around taking him to our favorite eateries, shops, hiking trails, walks on the beach, and getting to know our friends.  

Look Mom, I am drinking my vegetables!
Although he is here for two and a half weeks the time is flying by so time for me to stop typing and get back to playing tour guide.

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  1. I know y'all are having a wonderful time. You are the best tour guides! Just read Inn keeping 101! LOL loved it! I have always thought having a B&B would be so much fun, as I loved the Bob Newhart show with B&B . It is obviously a lot of work! But viewing the pictures , it is obvious a lot of TLC has gone into it:) Beautiful! Will you share the stuffed French Toast recipe?


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