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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Now I know What Ice Cubes Feel Like?

It is cold here in the Florida panhandle! This morning we woke up to ice on the car, motorhome, trees, steps, and everywhere else Old Man Winter decided to throw it.  I am not going to get much sympathy from you blog readers who are up north in the real frigid waste land so my whining stops now. 

We knew a ghastly weather change was coming so the shock factor was not that great and we were prepared.  Except when the desperate whimpering pup woke me up at 5:30 am for her morning outing.  I have been pleading with her to wait until 6:30 at least.    
Our javelina "Josephina" did not have a smile on her face and gave me the evil eye when I
laughed at her on the icy picnic table. 
One more night of below freezing temperatures – 22°F in fact, and then we are up in the 70’s by Sunday. The wool coats and scarves get put away as they will be replaced with shorts and flip flops and we’ll be watching the big game on the outside t.v.  Whoo hoo!

Until then, we will be staying warm inside with the company of family and friends.

Nikki, Jennifer, and Mark.


  1. Wow. We were in the panhandle last winter, but there were only a few days near the freezing mark.
    We are in Casa Grande, AZ this winter and it's supposed to reach 80 degrees today. Sorry, just
    had to rub it in. LOL

  2. Your javelina is very cute, but she sure was giving you the "Stink Eye" over all that ice... :cD

  3. Florida cold is just different. Maybe it's the dampness and breeze but it's been too dang cold everywhere this year. The sun'll come tomorrow...


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