Have you ever wanted to sell everything you own and just "take off?" Travel the country's back roads, paddle down a meandering stream, experience breath-taking mountain views, walk among 100-year old trees, and just marvel at America's beauty? That is the dream that my partner, Betsy, and I decided to make a reality. This blog describes our adventure. The food we eat, people we meet, sights we see, and the enjoyment we find in traveling.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Ringing in the New Year with Old Friends

On New Year's Eve night it was clear we were not going to still be awake at the stroke of midnight but we didn't care because our evening was just as great.  Our good friends, Sandy and Kim, invited us to their lake house in Mississippi and where we spent three days laughing, eating, fishing, playing with dogs, and enjoying catching up over a glass of wine . . . or two.  Jean and Lisa also joined to kick in some more fun and with six people and four dogs there was never a dull moment.

Take the picture already, we are hungry! (Betsy, Kim, me, Sandy, and Lisa)
Spirit has a lengthy conversation with the lobster and said, "it's not my fault you have to go in the
jacuzzi with salted water but at least you'll be warm on this cool night."

Eli demonstrating true happiness.
The lake house is picture-perfect and looks like it came out of a magazine - fishing paraphernalia abounds with antique fishing rods adorning the walls, pillows decorated with trout, and coffee table books telling fishing stories.  We have always loved going to their lake house and feel so comfortable and relaxed there.  The girls are great hostesses and strive to ensure that everyone (two and four-legged ones) have a great time and we always do.

Lisa and "Satchmo" in a tug-of-war game.  Satch won!
"Josie" the Wheaten was nice to share her
house with us crazy girls
Jean and "Eli" seemed to
 have a great time.

New Year’s Eve dinner was planned to be a lobster feast.  Two-pound brilliant red crustaceans sat in front of everyone and the devouring began in earnest.  Maybe it was all the eating that forced us to bed at 10 p.m. but we all went to bed happy.  The New Year met us with drizzling and foggy weather but we were warmed with more delicious food in the form of the traditional cabbage and black-eyed peas.  These culinary customs may be tied with good luck but how lucky we already are to have such great friends.  And thanks to Lisa who brought the "Protection From Stupidity" candle.  I think at some point in the New Year I'll need that.


  1. Two pound lobsters? Those were huge!!! I'd be lucky to be able to get up from my chair after eating one of those. ;c)

    1. I think it was all the butter that filled me up.

  2. I think Ms. Emmi might need a Wheaten terrier as a playmate--probably not--she has only child syndrome! Your dinner looked divine and it sure looks as if you all were having so much fun!!

  3. I have a problem with eating whole lobsters. Is there a secret to that? I sure do like lobster though. We had Lobster tails the other night and I thought I was in heaven.

  4. Nan, we are so enjoy lobster that we are planning on spending the summer in Maine so we can be close to a constant source.

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  6. Hi! I read your blog regularly and in fact, my husband and I (and our THREE dogs!) are at Topsail right now, leaving on Tuesday morning to head back towards AZ. We drove through the Grayton Beach campground today, and I'm pretty sure I spied your RV--but didn't see your car so we just drove on by. If by any chance you are back in Grayton Beach, we'd love to meet up for some lunch and conversation if you have time. All the best from Tina and Ron.

    1. Just got your message on my blog "RV-A-GOGO" and wanted to let you know that we have moved to Henderson Beach State Park in Destin. We would love to get together for lunch if you are available tomorrow. There are numerous restaurants in Sandestin that are in between the two parks. On Tues, we will be moving back to Grayton so it may be difficult to meet up then. Please let me know if tomorrow (Monday) would work for you all. Feel free to email me at nancyfwalters@hotmail.com or call at 504-650-1764.

  7. Oh how crazy is this! We just drove to Henderson today to check it out and toured the campground there too! They have some awesome HUGE sites there--we were impressed with the pull throughs. We went to Dewey Destin's Harborview restaurant for lunch, but they are closing tomorrow for 3 weeks of remodeling. They had the BEST hush puppies though--we brought home a dozen. We'd love to meet you tomorrow, so just let us know where. I'll email you so you can get to us that way rather than on the blog. Looking forward to it!


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