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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hot Dogs, Round Lakes, and Beads

Well I can’t believe it has been ten days since I have last posted a blog.  That might be a record set by me for ignoring RV-A-GOGO.  Shocking!  It’s not that we have been holed up in our fiberglass box avoiding the Florida sun, sand, and fun.  On the contrary, our days have been jam packed with activities . . . dog walks on the beach, dinner with friends, strolling around one of the world’s “roundest” lakes, catching beads at a Mardi Gras parade, and meeting new people.  Whew, yes we have been busy! 

The famous "Chicago style"dog.
But now it is time to share all this fun with you.  Let me start with our visit to the oldest hot dog stand in Florida. Visiting joints with superlatives like that are right up our alley.  Our friends, Kelly and T, invited us to join them on a trip to Defuniak Springs (Kelly’s home town) and just a short drive inland.  They enticed us into the car by proclaiming we would have lunch at the H&M Hot Dog stand – a long-standing tradition in this town of nearly 5,500 people.  After all, when we know food is involved we will go almost anywhere!  
H&M started in 1947 in a 12 by 18-foot metal building.  Throughout the years it has changed ownership many times but remains a fixture in Defuniak Springs.
Satisfied with hot dogs in our belly’s it was now time to take the dogs for a walk around Chipley Park and get a firsthand look at this famous lake.  Kelly mentioned that it was one of the roundest lakes in the world.  Sure enough that lake looked pretty darn round and is recognized as one of the two almost perfectly round spring-fed lakes in the world (Switzerland is home to the other). 
Yep, looks pretty round to me.
Just so happens that the day we were there was also the towns’ annual Mardi Gras parade.  Being New Orleans girls we had to check this one out and Kelly got us front row seats parking at the starting line.  The floats were festive, the outfits colorful, and beads were flying – a perfect reflection of small town fun.  (It is amazing how people can be civilized and well-behaved at Mardi Gras parades!)

We shared our bead wealth with our dogs.  Pearl (far right) was not impressed with her beads!
We had a great day exploring this charming town that we have driven through many times but never stopped to see.  Thanks girls for a great day (and sharing the pictures).


  1. Love the dogs bling. It seems that Mardi Gras is everywhere!

  2. Every day as I drive down to the Buzzy's Country Store I see Mitch out there hustling his dogs to a number of appreciative customers. Lej en pølsevogn


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