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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rally Virgins No More

We have spent the last six days hanging out at the Family Motor Coach Association Rally in Perry, Georgia.  Perry was never a place we thought we would park the RV but when we learned about this huge rally, we were game to attend our first ever rally.  Let me tell you how much fun we have had and how beneficial it was.

Here is the run down . . . there are over 3,000 attendees motorhomes scattered across the Georgia National Fair Grounds, hundreds of informational seminars, copious new and used motorhomes for viewing (and purchase), exhibitors demonstrating the newest products, giveaways, games, technicians to solve pestering problems, entertainment, and a great way to hook up with old friends (like the Nealy's and Technomadia) and make plenty of new ones (Two For(e) Traveling, the Mattis's and the Johnsons).

Arrival day was crazy!  Just imagine volunteers trying to park thousands of motorhomes on grassy fields that are makeshift sites.  Rigs were being parked in numerous different sections based on water, electric, and sewer needs.  We arrived with Nealy’s on Wheels about 1:30 pm and the madness was well underway.   Luckily, one of the golf carts driving by happened to be the beer cart from Paul Everett's RV Country in California. (Yes, anyone who gives us free beer gets a plug.)  A cold beer immediately relaxed our anxiety level that was very high after waiting for over an hour to be parked on top of a four-hour drive.  A little pestering of the parking guys proved valuable as we scored rock star parking up front.  Imagine being parked in the handicap spot at the mall on Black Friday.  Score!

Patience (and beer) was a must in a line like this.
And along came the beer.
Home sweet home.
Betsy and I attended lots of seminars.  Everything from generator maintenance to microwave cooking to bathroom TLC.  Some of the seminars proved more informational and beneficial than others but since they are free to registered attendees we figured we should go.  Besides I have always wanted to know how to replace my propane regulator and continuously looking to improve my culinary skills.

This RV was not for us.
In between seminars we dashed in and out of hundreds of new and used motorhomes.  The motorhome showcase is a great way to compare coaches without having to go from dealer to dealer looking at different manufacturers.

All the big players were there and showing off their newest models and floorplans, including the $900,000+ Newmar King Aires and American Heritages that looked like Las Vegas hotel rooms.  On the last day, we fell in love with the 44’ Entegra Anthem.  It was a good thing the show was ten minutes from closing and we decided not to pull the trigger opting to keep our money in the bank.  For sure, that was the wiser financial decision.

The Newmar King Aire actually has lights inside the sink and sparkles in the floor.
Makes our moho look a little plain.  
Deas demonstrated the impractical shower in a $450K Allegro Bus and how it would not work for a 6'4" man.
But maybe that is because he is trying to shower with a solo cup full of bourbon.
In the evening it was time for happy hour and dinner with new and old friends before venturing over to the arena for the evening’s entertainment.  The warm sunshine brought lawn chairs out and the friendly RV lifestyle was in full swing. 
The Texas Tenors filled the house.
This RV was getting a new windshield and the dog was supervising.
One of the biggest benefits of the rally was being able to get things fixed and talk to RV manufactures and technicians.  We signed up to have our Blue Ox tow bar inspected and refurbished for only $25.  That was a bargain considering the tow bar is a valuable link to making sure our car travels safely behind us.  We had Freightliner stop by to diagnose an age old problem that has never been fixed.  It is a great place and time to get your windshield fixed, new sensors on your tanks, a new satellite dish, new awnings, etc. 

I have to say that attending the rally was a great decision and I’m sure we will go to another one.  There is always something to learn and the camaraderie is great fun.  We have never seen so many motorhomes in one place before.  

And yes, Spirit didn't mind the show as long as she was swimming in the catfish pond.


  1. Nice overview of an FMCA rally. We've never attended one, but may in the future. I wonder how many beers the parking crew volunteers needed to deal with 3000 motorhomes? ;c)

  2. Wow.. you got beer during parking?!? Ok, making note to travel with you guys more often!

    So glad we got to share in some FMCA fun together, and enjoying this lovely state park with ya now!


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