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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Shopping "Spirit"

When you don’t have kids or grandkids who do you spoil?  Your pets, of course!

Our spoiled rotten only child happens to be “Spirit” a two-year old black lab.  

So easy to spoil something
sooooo cute!
Spirit is our trusty travel/hiking/kayaking/jogging and all-around do anything dog companion.  For those of you who have been long-time blog readers you have watched her grow up as she frequently gets photo time on the blog. 

Is she spoiled?  Definitely!  And why not?  Spirit is a wonderful dog who brings us joy and laughter (and keeps us from turning into couch potatoes).  Raising a dog in a motorhome is not an easy task but well worth it.  She came to us as an eight-week old puppy from Blackrock Labradors kennel in Indiana.  And yes, we did drive all the way from Florida to Indiana to pick up our irresistible furry bundle.  We had a lab before from Blackrock so we knew what we were getting into but somehow shook off the memories of chewed furniture, early morning wake up calls, and having a sick puppy after eating something funky.

Spirit is an experienced shopper.
In her short lived two years she has been to nineteen states, and had experiences non-traveling dogs only dream about . . . chasing pronghorn in Colorado, retrieving coconuts in the Florida Keys, and staring down bison in Yellowstone.  So when it is time to meet our dog’s needs, only the best for her and yesterday was affirmation of that.  She has been playing hard with her new best friend, Leroy, and we decided her tired bones may need a new bed to rest on at night. 

Lucky for Spirit just down the street was an Orvis store.  The pet-friendly outdoor shop who adorns their stores with labs was the perfect place to take her shopping and let her pick out the bed of choice.  She tried out beds that rival the finest mattress store with a price tag to match.  There were Termpur-Pedic, memory foam, plush, fleece, and every other kind of bed that could be imagined.  After spreading dog hair on all of the beds and greeting many unsuspecting shoppers, we were at the counter with the new bed in hand.  Of course she chose one of the most expensive! 

"Hey mom, can I get the orange vest too?"
I think she likes the new bed just fine as she could not wait to curl up in it right after we left the store. 

Now Spirit is getting some well-needed rest so she will be ready for Leroy when he comes back next weekend.

Spirit and Leroy doing what they do best......chasing each other on the beach.


  1. That bed looks more comfortable than the one I use in my MH! Spirit is one lucky dog. :c)

  2. No kidding! I must admit I am jealous of the bed.


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