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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Wheels Are Turning Again

After four months in the Florida panhandle, it is time for us to migrate north.  There are mixed emotions for sure and we are really going to miss this area.  This was the longest period of time we spent in one place since we started full-time RV’ing almost three years ago.  We bopped back and forth from one state park to another but it was well worth the hassle to move every two weeks so we could plant ourselves in the area for all the amount of time that we stayed.

So what is to miss about this place?  Great friends, incredible food, fun dogs, gorgeous beaches, serene forests, picturesque coastal dune lakes, quaint towns, pleasant weather, charming shops, stunning sunsets, and striking sunrises.  Need I say more?  

Yes, the beach is beautiful and we love this area but what made our stay wonderful and unforgettable was the many new people we met and got to know.  

Our belief that the dog park is the best place to meet locals and get information proved correct once again.  On our first dog outing we met T and Kelly (and their four dogs) and became fast friends with them.  They nicely invited us to their house for Thanksgiving Eve and we saw them all throughout the winter.  There were many dog walks, fine dinners, belly laughs, and enjoyable times.  Their dog-centric way of life was very appealing to Spirit and she pleaded to be adopted by them and spend her days romping with her new best friend Leroy. And we sure enjoyed their beautiful beach house.  
T, Kelly, Pearl, Cosmo, Leroy, Spirit, me, and Betsy
The panhandle is where we finally reconnected with Jennifer and Deas Nealy (Nealy’s on Wheels) whom I briefly met a couple of years ago at Grayton Beach State Park.  They started their RV adventure out west last summer but we always seemed to be a couple of weeks behind them.  Jen is a great social planner and kept us in the loop with the hippest places to be and the hottest music venues.  They introduced us to many of their friends and kept us moving with cocktail parties and happy hours and were always game to meet us for pizza buffet where we talked for hours.  Since they have a house in Grayton Beach, we’ll say goodbye to them after the upcoming FMCA rally, but will say hello again next fall when us snowbirds come back to roost.

Betsy, me, Gail, Don, Cherie & Chris (Technomadia), Deas, and Jen
Shawn & Christy (Long Long Honeymoon), Deas, Jen, me, and Mark
Through Jen and Deas we met Nikki and Jennifer.  The girls are busy running around running great restaurants (Cowgirl Kitchen) and a charming retail store (Feed and Supply) but seemed to make time to hang out for a late afternoon bourbon or dog walk to the beach.  We are hoping next winter when we come back we will be invited to their house for Nikki's awesome "Zuni Chicken" and they will have time to once again play with us snowbirds.   

Nikki and Jennifer enjoying a well-deserved cocktail after tackling the spring break crowd.
Feed and Supply has everything for the foodie and kitchen enthusiast.
 Can't go wrong with a motto
like "Kick Back & Cowgirl Up" 

Of course, we are going to miss the awesome pizza.

As sad as it is to leave our new friends we are looking forward to hitting the road and reconnecting with family, old friends, and meeting new people. Leaving is made a little easier knowing that we will be back at Grayton Beach and 30A in seven short months. For now, we say goodbye to our friends and thank them for all the great times and memories.


  1. I know it was hard, but it's a good thing you got rolling. Your wheels almost started putting down roots... :c)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it is back to Maine and lobster for us girls!

  3. So great to meet and make new friends! We also enjoy the panhandle area as well as Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, AL. Wellll, actually the entire Gulf coast.


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