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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Family Easter Fun in Baltimore

You know I am behind on my blogging when I am just now getting around to mentioning Easter!  My sister Lora and her family nicely invited us to her house for the Easter holiday along with other family members.  They warmly opened their house up to seven people, two kids and two dogs and the controlled chaos that reigned.  What is better than a week with fun people, great food, and a time to slow down and relax?  

What is Easter without dying eggs and waiting for peeps to turn stale?  The kid in all of us came out with the hard boiled eggs, vinegar, food dye, and edible glitter that was put on the kitchen table.  So what was supposed to be the kid’s activity turned into a bunch of creative adults sitting around the table vying to produce the best-looking egg. 

Even Betsy enjoyed dying Easter eggs.  LOL.

An outdoor fire pit blazing on a cool, sunny afternoon was the perfect conduit to stay warm and catch up with family members we had not seen in a long time.  And it also served as the perfect place for cocktails and a gooey dessert!

The holiday flew by and before you knew it the dyed eggs were gone, the peeps vanished (the soft yellow ones), and we were saying goodbye.  What a great Easter!  Thanks to my sister and her family for such great hospitality.  Are we invited back next year?

"I 'm humiliated!"


  1. Poor Spirit, I wonder if she'll ever forgive you for that bunny face...

  2. Poor Spirit! She appears to like her bunny face about as much as Emmi likes her goggles!


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