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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Freeport, Maine

It has become a tradition that every time we come to Maine we pay a visit to the little town of Freeport.  Freeport is the town that L.L. Bean and their famous “Maine Hunting Boot” put on the map (I even blogged about this three years ago).  Even before we had the RV and we used fly to Maine and drive the coast we would stop here.

And who wouldn’t want to stop here?  We are talking a seven-acre retail campus with multiple buildings housing outdoor gear, clothes, home furnishings, watercraft, bicycles, and yes . . . shoes.  The L.L. Bean store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so whenever you get a whim to rack up the credit card bill, you can.  We go during “normal” hours but we have known some night owls that relish the freedom to shop while others sleep.  Over the years the store has really changed adding more buildings and rearranging constantly to fit their expanding lines of outdoor gear.  It seems every time we set foot in L.L. Bean we find something to buy.  

This year’s purchases did not rupture any financial arteries or send the budget into a tizzy.  A new soft-sided cooler was in order as the last one’s zipper died and Betsy was tired of fighting with it.  Then there was the can of tick spray that we were informed “worked great” and would save me from the heebie jeebies that I feel when ticks are crawling on me.  And the last purchase was a new Tervis cup for Betsy with a lobster on it.  You should see her face light up when her drink is poured into a cup with a lobster staring back at her.  Pure bliss.

One thing we love about the store is the homage L.L. Bean pays to the outdoors.  Throughout the store are scatterings of taxidermy animals, a trout stream, antique hunting and fishing gear, and displays of the companies history.  

There are plenty of more stores in Freeport and we usually make the rounds to a few of them but since we are not big shoppers, we are not a big help to the economy.  What else we enjoy about our time in Freeport are the many things to do other than shopping.  There is incredible Casco Bay scenery, hiking trails, and great places to kayak.   

L.L. Bean sponsors many outdoor programs, classes, and workshops which we have enjoyed over the years.  It’s just good we don’t linger too long or else I would have another fly rod, a paddle board, more dog accessories, and camping “stuff” I probably don’t need. 


  1. Don't count yourself as not helping the economy. Did you forget the price of diesel fuel? ;c)

    Haven't been to LL Bean yet, but it's on the list. I can't tell you how many of their catalogs I've worn out through the years drooling over the neat items. I'm sure when we actually get to the store, we'd best lock up our credit card first...

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