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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

Betsy, Spirit, and I have been loving spending time in the woods exploring Acadia National Park (NP). The park spans more than 47,000 acres and is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves. The promise of sunshine has pulled us out of bed early and we find ourselves eagerly lacing up our hiking shoes to go play. While the weather has not always cooperated with our plans of being outdoors the damp and drizzly days have not kept us inside either. We persevered and found that raincoasts and good timing help keep us dry. But lets face it, even being wet is better than sitting in the motorhome wishing the weather was better.

We quickly learned that damp, rainy days are not the best for hiking the trails, especially those deemed moderate or steep. We came to that conclusion while sliding down the slippery granite rock face after submitting to the St. Saveur trail at 679 feet. (Don't laugh all you people out west climbing multi-thousand foot peaks!) The morning started off rainy but soon the sun peeked out through the clouds and we hit the trail.

The damp, cool woods felt nice and we quickly
summit-ed the trail. We admired the spectacular views of Somes Sound and patted ourselves on the back for such an invigorating walk. And then we noticed the blue blazes of the trail switched from being painted on pine trees to the smooth granite rocks that pointed us downhill. We had the distinct feeling this was going to be trouble as the early morning rain was still evident on the rocks. Spirit bounded effortlessly down the rocks while we held on to every, and any, bush we could find. When we couldn't find a bush our fingertips went into rock crevasses for help. Granite is a prominent geological feature in Acadia NP and many trails traverse rocky features.

Wisely, we switched our rainy day tactics to involve walking the Carriage Roads which we love just as much as the trails.  With 130 miles of hiking trails and 57 miles of Carriage Roads, there is lots more for us to explore so the weather is no match for us.  And these fantastic views keep us hiking in any weather!


  1. we absolutely loved all things Acadia...what a wonderful fabulous place. . .


  2. hey Ladies!! wanted to catch up and let you know we landed for a few months in Milo McIver State park OR as kayak hosts.
    Also saw the Nealys in Yellowstone for a few fun days!
    Hope you are having a good summer in Maine & hope to catch up and hear about it in person.
    Gail and Don now aka the winecoastersblog as inspired by you all. (Grayton Beach fellow campers - just different days!)


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