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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sunday, Fun Day

Last Sunday was our day off and we were so excited to have a free day. Not that our work schedule is that hard but it is “work” after all.  On our days off and when the weather god is good to us we get a day with glorious sunshine and cool temperatures – perfect for outdoor activities.

Sunday is also the farmers market in Bar Harbor and I am not one to pass up a farmers market.  It is still early in the season here so the fresh produce has not rolled in yet but the fresh bread and goat cheese was enough to keep me happy.

After the market, a stroll downtown was in order to see what was happening.  There is so much energy on sunny summer days that the happy vibe becomes contagious.  The Village Green and Agamont Park are perfect places to plop down on a bench and enjoy some people watching or a shady seat while having a picnic lunch. Agamont Park is a hub of activity. It faces the busy harbor where the whale watching cruises depart, the Margaret Todd schooner sails by, and lobster boats buzz in and out.  On some days, cruise ships are in port making for more activity with tourists busily buying Acadia National Park t-shirts and Bar Harbor shot glasses.

Village Green
Agamont Park 
We decided to pop into the local pet store “Bark Harbor” (very clever naming don't your think?) and pick up a present for a friends new lab puppy. What could be a more appropriate gift from Maine than a pink collar with lobsters on it?

Even as the clouds rolled in and started to block our sunshine our day remained perfect.  Can't wait for another day off.


  1. We contemplate workamping but that word "work" is just rubbing me the wrong way! I think we'll just continue to mull it over for a while...

    Sure is a pretty area you are in!

  2. Love the pics and the commentary. Captures Bar Harbor.


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