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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Witch Hole Pond

There is nothing better than waking up on a cool sunny morning and going for a walk in nature. Luckily, we are just fifteen minutes away from the entrance to Acadia National Park where we can be surrounded by pine trees and blueberry bushes and smell the salt ocean air.

The carriage road around Witch Hole Pond is one of our favorite places to walk. On days when we have to work (boo hoo) we take the quick 2.5 mile route so we can hurry back for our eight o'clock clock in time. There is a great view of Frenchman’s Bay and the fog lifting over Witch Hole Pond is quite lovely.

Ah, but the other day work was not nagging us so we took our sweet time leisurely strolling the 5-mile road that takes you by the Duck Brook Bridge and past many shallow ponds. We passed a few bikers and dog walkers but for the most part the path was ours.

In a few weeks this quiet path will be transformed when summer vacationers begin arriving in droves and this popular area fills up. Not to worry we have found many trails that will suffice and our early morning wake up calls from Spirit will allow us to finish our walks before most tourist have had their blueberry muffin.

No matter what, we are appreciative that Acadia National Park is at our doorstep and ours to enjoy.

Someone wants to sign up as a volunteer to rid the pond of floating debris.

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