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Monday, September 1, 2014

RV Travel....the Way to Go

Love to travel but hate the hassle?  Looming terror threats, cramped over-priced airplane seats, and musty impersonal hotels can make traveling downright miserable.  So have you ever tried traveling in an RV? If you answered “no” maybe you should consider it.  There are many “pluses” to taking your house with you. Whether it is a travel trailer perfect for a weekend getaway, a 40' motorhome to live in full-time, a convenient-sized pop-up you can tuck in the woods, or renting a mid-size Class C for a family vacation, RV's come in all sizes, shapes, and price ranges.
How about the million dollar Newmar King Aire for comfort
and style.

The biggest benefit of RV travel is that you take everything with you . . . food, favorite soft pillow, cozy sheets, books, cloths, wine cellar, even Fido.  RV's eliminate the age-old ritual of driving around for an hour looking for a restaurant while the kids are in the backseat whining.  RV'ers simply pull over and raid the fridge.  Want to sleep in your own comfortable clean bed every night? You can.  Vacation (or live) in an RV and you'll quickly realize there is no packing and unpacking, lugging suitcases up and down flights of stairs, sleeping under an over-floraled comforter disguising a lumpy mattress, only to wake up cranky and face a stale continental breakfast.  Then you must pack up your belongings that exploded out of your overstuffed suitcase (because you didn't want to pay airline baggage fees), cram them into a super small trunk and head out looking for your next room for the night.

The stereotype of RV'ers as gray-haired retired tightwads has been dispelled with a growing number of younger folks driving around in their half million dollar motorhomes with golf carts, boats, and motorcycles in tow.  In fact, more RVs are now owned by those ages 35-to-54 more than any other group.

RV towing a trailer with a boat, SUV, and golf cart.
The best way to determine what you want (or need) is to start looking, do some research, and talk to other RV owners.  Large RV shows are a great way to familiarize yourself with what is available.  But beware, these shows offer everything under the sun in the RV world so your head may start to spin.  RV terminology alone may confuse the wannabe RV owner.  Tag axle, wet bay, slide-out, inverter, macerator.  What are these things? With daunting terminology and a plethora of options it is best to take your time before buying an RV.  Lucky for the prospective owner that there are classes, seminars, books, DVD's, webinars, and plenty of word-of-mouth if you hang out with RV'ers for any length of time.  There are many great online organizations and clubs that provide useful information and resources like AmeriGO RV Club (you can even get a one-year free membership by clicking here).  Resist the urge to buy until you have looked at all options in your price range and make sure the unit fits your needs. After all, an RV is something you want, not need.

A well-adjusted Tear Drop trailer that is sure to make friends in the campground.
One alternative to buying is to rent an RV.  For the prospective buyer this not only gives you a chance to decide if you like living in an RV, but what options, styles, and sizes you might prefer.  Finding an RV that suits you may take time and renting offers a great option.  Rental RV's are also great for family vacations. Many RV's are rented by families taking a summer vacation and want to be on the move so they can pack everything into their two weeks of National Park sightseeing.  Check out RVShare for a wide array of rental options all over the country - everything from a pop-up to a 45' motorhome.

Another advantage of RV'ing is that RV parks and campgrounds offer so much to do in a safe environment that is a destination within itself. Put aside the standard swimming pool and playground, some RV “resorts” go over the top and include full sized golf courses, putt-putt, spa services, fine dinning, bocce ball, dance pavilions, tiki bars and much more. You can find a place to park your rig at casinos, amusement parks, wineries, ranches, NASCAR tracks, fairgrounds, and other establishments. RV parks remind us of little “Mayberry” towns where kids safely ride their bikes up and down the street while dad fires up the grill. If you are looking for unspoiled wilderness with hiking trails, fishing streams, and majestic forests then state and national parks may be your preference.

Our rig perched over the Laguna Seca Speedway in Monterey, California
Camped with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean
Nestled in the woods of Montana
RV'ing allows you the freedom to change your outside environment while keeping the inside constant. You can indulge in the lure of the open road and the comforts of home. An RV offers a ticket to somewhere and the great thing is . . . you get to decide where that somewhere is.


  1. Okay, you've convinced me, I want to be a full time RV traveler. Wait! I already am! :cD

  2. I agree on what you said as "the biggest benefit", which is that you're in control. This is where prospective buyers would decide on what to have in an RV: will the level convenience justify the price of the RV. A bigger RV could mean more control for the owner, as one can bring more stuff, and have a more comfortable experience during their travels. Thanks for sharing!

    Marion Goodwin @ Johnson RV

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