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Friday, October 24, 2014

Heading South

It certainly was hard to pull ourselves away from Maine especially since our last stop was a winery.  But, the need to head south was pulling us down the road.  There was an overnight at a Wal-Mart in Fish Kill, New York and then it was on to Baltimore for a quick visit with my sister and her family.  (Let me just stop and mention how much we like this Wal-Mart stop, how safe we feel, and convenient it is.  Plus, there is a Sam’s Club for you members who want to stock up.  We did, with steaks!)

We weren’t in town long enough to blink (sorry about that family) but we made the most of our time.  While my sister's kids were in school and her husband was away on business, we kidnapped her for a nice fall hike in the nearby Patapsco Valley State Park followed by a tavern lunch and beer.  Of course, dogs were invited and Spirit and Zoe (the adorable Beagle) had a great time sniffing the fall air and swimming in the cold stream (o.k., that was just Spirit).

Zoe found her way into something that was happy to stick to her.  Burrs!


The next day it was a movie, diner with the family, followed by an all-too-soon departure.  Baltimore is always on our north-south east coast route and great times are always had.  We love being with family and thanks for everything.  

Those kids aren't smiling because we are leaving, are they?

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  1. I'm sure the Maine lobster population has breathed a sigh of relief! ;c)


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