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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mule Days!

When our friends in Tallahassee asked if we wanted to join them in going to Mule Days in nearby Calvary, Georgia, we were all in!  Two years ago, we attended Mule Days in Hamilton, Montana and had a blast so we didn’t want to miss another opportunity to admire the long ears.  Calvary is home to a mere 200 people, but come Mule Days the population swells to over 60,000 (not counting mules) drawing people from all over the region.

The morning started off cold but thanks to the sun, bloody mary’s, hot coffee, and plenty of excitement we started warming up.  The fairgrounds were filled with some 450 vendors selling arts and crafts, food, furniture, and just about every kind of SEC football paraphernalia you could want.  (After all, we are in the south and college football games are more important than weddings.)  And yes, there was a show ring where the mules and riders would strut their stuff - or in the case of the few ornery mules – not strut their stuff.

The annual event kicked off with a modest parade through the streets.  Small town parades are always our favorite.  Everybody turns out for the event and you feel a warm sense of the town’s pride.  The parade route was lined with people sitting peacefully huddled under blankets smiling as the mules and riders clopped by.  Candy was passed to the kids, mules were dressed in costumes, farm tractors chugged, and young girls smiled proudly perched in their saddles carried by their four-legged best friends.  

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In between the parade, shopping the plethora of vendors, and watching mule events, there are all kinds of things to do.  There was the demonstration on sugar cane grinding and syrup cooking, watching a chicken cleverly play the piano (then nicely poses for pictures), live music to tap your toe to, the official Mule Days Museum to visit, and a petting zoo – just to name a few.


The actual Mule Show started at 1:00 pm and so with carnival food in our bellies we sat down on the grandstands to watch the competition and see who would take home the prizes.  Events included the serious in halter classes and team driving to the not-so-serious like a panty hose race and best costume. 

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As expected, we had a great time with our friends at this fun, family event.  We are never ones to miss out and are even thinking about tail-gating in our motorhome at the event next year.

Betsy in a sing-along with the chicken!


  1. Too funny, Betsey singing along with a piano playing chicken! Did she know all the words or have to just hum along? :cD

    1. Let's just say the chicken did not invite her to come on tour.


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