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Friday, January 30, 2015

An Afternoon Paddle

The other day, early morning fog gave way to bright sunshine which warmed the earth and begged us to come outdoors and enjoy the beautiful day.  There was very little breeze to speak of which conjured up the idea in my head to get out on the water for a couple hours of paddling through the calm waters of a magical coastal dune lake. 

            202   208
The scenery is nothing but spectacular and my senses came alive as I slowly glided through the slightly tannic water.  I took my camera and fly rod not knowing which instrument I would feel like using.  Fly casting can be calming, unnerving, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time.  So I did a little of both.  When my casting efforts yielded nothing I turned to the camera hoping the shutter would.

A raft of coots tried to secretly hide in the cattails as I rounded the bend.  Also called “mud hens” these birds are commonly mistaken for being ducks but are in a totally different family.  In Louisiana, you may find them in gumbo or if you are in Toledo you will find them to be the mascot of your local minor league baseball team. 

        327   289

Western Lake (my paddling destination) is one of fifteen coastal dune lakes dotting the coastline of south Walton County.  According to the Florida Natural Areas Inventory, these lakes are designated as "imperiled globally because of rarity and critically imperiled in the state of Florida because of extreme rarity."  Not only do they add scenic beauty but they perform indispensable wetland functions that provide habitat for a wide variety of unique flora and fauna, reduce storm surge, filter nutrients, and exist as a natural estuarine system between the Gulf of Mexico and upland areas.

        301   305   
        320     DSC_0137
Bald eagles routinely nest along the lake and are frequent sightings. 

       340   335

Western Lake frequently delivers some of the most stunning sunrises. 

       039   091


  1. The sun makes colors in the morning too, who knew :-)

  2. Beautiful photos. I love hearing about the natural beauty of Florida. My experience of this state is mostly the tourist areas. I'm a photographer and look forward to exploring the areas you post about.

  3. Totally jealous!!! As I sit here where our water is frozen, the kayaks are hung and I have to make sure I don't hit the bottom of them as I split wood for the stove! :) Lovely photos and it looks so peaceful.


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