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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Weekend of Bourbon and Biophilia

We have been hanging out in the HWY 30A neck of the Florida Panhandle since November and have been pretty busy.  Between socializing with old friends and making new ones, our winter has whisked by and now we are nearing time for us to leave.  But before we left there were a couple of things on our agenda that we had to do. 

First up was a festival named Bourbon, Beer and Butts (or B3 if you tend to get tongue168 tied)Now come on . . . that combination is pretty intriguing.  When our friends Nikki and Jen (of Cowgirl Kitchen) raved about the event last year and really spurred us into going, we were not putting up a fight.  The thought of tasting craft beer, smoky barbeque, and husky bourbon had our taste buds salivating and brought us out.  Betsy is a  much better lover of bourbon than I, but don’t think I was not happy to sip some Kentucky warmth on this fifty degree night.  So on a chilly night in Alys Beach, we chatted with friends, listened to a lively band, sipped bourbon and tasted beer under the beautiful stars and an amazing moon.  Yes, we had a great time!  Thanks girls.

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The event was a charity benefiting the Children’s Volunteer Health Network and they brought their mobile dentist unit to the park.  As probably the only RV owners at the party, we could not resist taking a look inside.  Last year, they did $4 million dollars in free dental work.  Applause please!

161  158  159

"Biophilia" is a term coined by renowned scientist E. O. Wilson which means "the love of all living things."  In 2009, the E. O. Wilson Biophilia Nature Center opened as an education center as a means to provide visitors with an opportunity to experience nature up-close and gain an understanding of the importance of biodiversity.  The center is proud of their education accomplishments that involve thousands of students a year.  An interactive exhibit hall houses live animals, dioramas, animal skins, and educational games.

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The day we went the facility was hosting a celebration entitled the "Black Bear Affair."  The facility was abuzz in hands-on activities.  There was a bald eagle feeding, guided nature hike, live animals to touch, black bear biologist talks, and all kinds of fun activities like making black bear Moon Pies, casts of bear paws, and a black bear crossing sign.   

   211  207  219

While we were practically the only people at the event without kids, it was still fun for us and we were impressed with the facilities.  Now it's time to get our motor home wheels rolling and move on to discover other places full of fun, food and new friends!


  1. I just wanted to thank you for this recipe. I made it and we all loved it! I did add the zest of the lemon to the batter and used lemon juice in the frosting. I realized too late that I was out of milk. Darn kids and their milk guzzling. I love to cook and really enjoy the recipes.

  2. Oops, that was supposed to be on the Lemon Cake recipe. Love your blog :)


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