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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Abe’s Grill

It is not uncommon for us to use hamburger guides as a road map.  While the average traveler might pull out an atlas, we grab Hamburger America and chart a course based on juicy yum.  When Garden and Gun Magazine compiled a Guide to the South's Best Burgers, our map just got a lot more cluttered. 

Driving up through Mississippi, the little town of Corinth has two burger scores on the list.  Abe’s Grill, which was started in 1974, popped out at us.  The full parking lot was a sure sign the hype was justified, not to mention the exterior roadside diner décor that had us longing to see more.  Throw in the fact that they are the “Oldest Diner on U.S. Route 72 (which stretches for 337 miles) still operated by the original owners” and “Home of the Midsouth’s Favorite Homemade Biscuit” and our course was set. 

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Abe, his wife Terri, and their son Ryan guarantee you will have an unforgettable breakfast and lunch.  And they deliver on that promise.  All the components are there for a memorable experience – great atmosphere, mouth watering food, diner décor, and best of all – the super personable threesome operating this joint.  Upon entering the front door, Abe whisked us into our counter seats (of which there are just 17) making us feel like welcomed locals just stopping in for a bite.  Drinks are served old school south in a mason jar and before we knew it hand cut fries from tasty Idaho potatoes were dredged from the fryer and placed in front of us.  Abe is proud of his seasoning salt blend so we gave the fries a sprinkle and dug in.  Two hot Big Abe quarter pounders with cheese were also crying for our mouths to open and take a bite. 

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So here is a place where, yes, the food that was served was delicious but what you also get is a free side of friendly people who appreciate that you took the time to stop in so they can share what they have been doing for 41 years.  We sat at the counter for nearly an hour talking with Abe, Terri, and Ryan and assorted locals who plopped down next to us to enjoy their corndog or ribeye sandwich.

Nothing about stopping in this burger joint disappointed us.  Abe’s Grill serves perfect diner food – homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast; burgers, corndogs and fries for lunch.  And prices so low you have no excuse not to stop in.  Homemade biscuits, gravy, coffee are just $3.21, and quarter pounder for under $3 bucks, handcut fries for $1.38, and a freshly baked jumbo chocolate cookie for under a dollar. 

            050  045

It’s hard to say what we liked better at Abe’s Grill – the food or the owners themselves.  They are super personable and happily chat with customers about their business and share information about Corinth.  Abe explained that Terri is up at 1:30 am to get the famous biscuits going but you would never know it by her cheerful personality.  Next time you are anywhere vaguely around Corinth, Mississippi you should put Abe’s Grill on you map.


  1. Replies
    1. Yep, it's a southeastern thing. Guide to some people lives.

  2. YUmmmmmm That definitely looks like someplace I love to stop and eat and visit! Those burgers look to die for and how can you beat great local people!

  3. "Garden and Gun Magazine - the Soul of the South" reads their ad.......somehow depressingly accurate. Too bad it's not "Garden and Bun" - makes more sense for your excursion. From Maine to Mississippi....quite a change in culture!

  4. You've become the poster children for foodies! :cD

  5. Timing is perfect - I am adding this to our trip in early May. Is there RV parking or did you stay nearby?

    1. Just 300 yards west of Abe's is a vacant Mexican restaurant called Mi Ranchero and that is where Abe told us to park. It worked out great.

  6. Well, alrighty, then...Abe's it is! Thanks for the mouth watering post...can't wait to go (a sweet little road trip day for this middle Tennessee gal). I LOVE it when y'all talk food. :-)

    1. Our waistlines wish all we did was "talk" food.


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