Have you ever wanted to sell everything you own and just "take off?" Travel the country's back roads, paddle down a meandering stream, experience breath-taking mountain views, walk among 100-year old trees, and just marvel at America's beauty? That is the dream that my partner, Betsy, and I decided to make a reality. This blog describes our adventure. The food we eat, people we meet, sights we see, and the enjoyment we find in traveling.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Four Years of Full-timing

What, four years of traveling, experiencing, playing, working, meeting, and most importantly LIVING has passed?  The cliché of “where did the time go” certainly comes to mind but so does the desire to keep driving.  It is for sure that we have passed our initial RV mindset that we would just travel in our RV for a year or two.  Guess neither of us are very good at math. 

We are so looking forward to 2015.  There are going to be exciting new adventures along the way and collaborations that we can’t wait to share with you.  Some of which we are remaining hush about for the time being so we can reveal them at an appropriate time.  And boy is that hard!

2015 will have us traveling back to a familiar place – Bar Harbor, Maine – a place we have visited many times and was our summer “home” last year.  Our blogging friends Nealy’s on WheelsMy Quantum Discovery, and Winecoasters will be joining us along with other friends who find the lure of Maine too much to pass up.  We will be returning to work at Narrows Too Campground (and, psst . . . management allows us to offer a 25% discount to friends) but we'll be taking a new route to get there.  Instead of hugging the east coast and smelling salt air and eating seafood we will be cutting through the mid-west where family, friends, and wholesome cuisine will keep us smiling.  After another summer of Betsy trying to set the record for most lobsters eaten by a human, we will head south back to the Florida Panhandle for next winter.  But how and when we get there is anyone's guess – just the way we like it. 

The thought of summarizing last year in a long, drawn out narrative was not very appealing to me.  So with a full wine glass sitting at my side it became apparent that now would be a good time to explore a more graphically creative side.  Yes, you have been spared voracious text that would have left you saturated with boring statistics resulting in copious amounts of yawning and swearing never to read this blog again. 

Now that year four is in the books we hope you hang in for another year of RV-A-GOGO’ing and enjoy the adventures with us. 

Untitled Infographic Copy2

Remember if you find yourselves in our neck of the woods, please let us know.  Or you can always find us on RVillage.


  1. Wow, nice job on the graphics! Mind if we steal that idea for our blog? 132 Lobsters! Holy crap, I'm from NE and that's more than I've probably eaten in my entire life! Guess we better get up to Maine before they're all gone! Rob & Linda

    1. No, go ahead. It is really easy to use. We may try and break last years lobster record so watch out.

  2. What a great anniversary to celebrate and love the wrap up picture! Safe travels to your new destination and continue to share all things fun - including that lobster record!

  3. I bet the lobster fishermen will be rejoicing to see you back. You're their market all by yourselves! :cD

    Congrats on four years, we wish you many more great years to come.

  4. Congratulations and great work on the blog. 132 lobsters? We're jealous! Keep it up - the Maine fishing industry is depending on you!


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