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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Awhile back we mentioned some BIG news coming our way and here it is . . . a new motorhome . . .

There was no question that after four years of full-time RV’ing we wanted to continue living a nomadic lifestyle in an RV.  Yes, every now and then we get wild ideas about buying a little cottage in Maine or a condo in Florida, but the one thing we know for sure is that we don’t want to stop RV’ing.  And with that decision came the discussion about whether to keep our 2010 40’ Tiffin Phaeton or switch to something newer with a little more room and some upgrades.  While we loved the Phaeton (and I really did shed a couple of tears when we were moving into the new coach), we were just ready for a change. 

Our Phaeton perched nicely in the woods just before the trade.

Over the past couple of years we started paying attention to the Entegra Coaches.  Last year at the FMCA rally and at the January 2015 Tampa RV Show we toured all larger Class A motorhomes.  The manufacturer that really stood out to us for quality, floor plan, and price was the 45 foot 2015 Entegra Anthem Coach.  Over much anxiety and indecision (mostly on my part – Betsy is a way better decision maker) we finally pulled the trigger and placed the order.  We are thrilled that we did.  The quality construction, upgrades, more space, larger bathroom, and two-year warranty were definitely convincing factors.  So how about a look inside.

In contrast to our Phaeton’s light tan interior, we opted for the dark brown leather color scheme – a choice that we are glad we made.  And yes, that is a mirror on our ceiling!  That is just one of the “bling” factors – did you notice the under counter LED lights in the kitchen – more bling, but we kind of like it! 

The kitchen space is similar to what our last coach offered.  Instead of a three-burner propane cooktop, the Anthem has a two burner induction cooktop.  No worries for me, I have a tabletop induction burner if another one is needed as I have been known to use four pots on the stove at one time.  And how about those cute dish towels my sister made for us that hang above the dishwasher? 


A fireplace was a must for Betsy no matter what brand or model we bought.  The really nice thing about the fireplace is the amount of heat it puts out.  We turn it on when the coach is chilly and it warms the room right up. 


The king bed is a Sleep Number which takes some getting used to after sleeping on a Memory foam for the last five years.  Ceiling fan is a must for me and the stacked washer/dryer make life easy.  The Entegra bed spread and pillows were not really our taste and did not last more than two days  Instead we opted for our wool Pendleton blanket and less satin.
Most 40-45’ motorhomes have a bath and a half floor plan.  And we were adamant that we did not want two toilets taking up precious RV space.  We totally dig this bathroom!  The bathroom lies mid-ship between the bedroom and living room and has two double sinks which provide lots of space.  The shower is quite large and there is lots of space between the sinks and shower for toweling off and dressing. 


So there she is – our new “home.”   


So far we are very happy and love the coach.  There are a lot of upgrades and nice features like the double Girard awnings that stretch the entire length of the coach, the lights and window shades are a simple push button control (and one switch will turn all the lights on/off and all the shades up/down), the larger interior and exterior storage, electric fireplace (which we love), See Level tank sensors, the cargo doors all lock at the push of a button, tile floor throughout the coach (and it’s heated!), better drive handling . . . am I boring you yet?

Have we had issues?  Yes but minor.  But what RV doesn’t, whether new or used?  So we just roll with it and will let Entegra honor their two-year warranty.  The decision to live life on the road is one we made a long time ago and still find satisfying and enjoyable.  So now we will keep rolling with a little more room and on new tires.  And Spirit has more room to run up and down the inside aisle!

Stay tuned for a blog on buying a new RV with tips and negotiation suggestions.


  1. Good choice! We've looked at Entegras and have been very impressed with them. In fact, if we ever decided to replace our Journey, Entegras are at the top of the list. Best of luck with your new rolling home.

    1. Amazing how many more are on the road. Entegra Coach just completed a huge plant expansion to keep up with demand.

  2. Looks like a fabulous new home - Congratulations! And here's to many more years of fun on the road!

    1. Thanks. Maybe one of these years we will head west and actually get to meet you all.

  3. Congrats on the new digs.. it looks mighty classy! Change is always nice. Happy hour at your spacious place next we meet (which we hope is soon.. miss you both!). Cheers to many miles and adventures under those tires.

  4. Congratulations! You choice of an Entegra mirrors ours if we decide to trade - their reputation is very, very good. An more room for Spirit! Good going!

    1. We are very happy so far and glad we made the decision.

  5. Wow, WOW!!! Congratulations on your new home! Does Spirit like it??

    1. Spirit is very happy. Thanks for asking.

  6. Very, very, very, did I mention very nice. Congrats to you ladies. You should have many more years of exciting travels with that beauty. Know doubt that Spirit loves it. Hopeful one day we will meet up with you again.

  7. Congrats! We bought an Entegra in March and love it. We have the Aspire 44B. We love it! We also have the dark interior. :-)

  8. I have always wondered what it looks like inside a modern RV coach. Coach buses have really come a long way with the spacious interior and amazing upgrades. The bed looks so comfortable and cozy, and I think a fireplace would be on my checklist as well. I do not blame you for wanting to reside and travel in an upgraded RV coach.


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