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Monday, July 6, 2015

A Little Work and A Lot of Play

Sometimes you just have to get out of the office.
Seems like the summer is moving pretty quickly up here in Maine.  Our first month of work is in the books and the next two will surely pass just as fast.  This is our second year work camping at Narrows Too Camping Resort in Bar Harbor, Maine which suits us well because we love the area.  Working four days a week and an average of 25 hours/person allows us plenty of time to hike in Acadia NP, eat at our favorite spots, and just lounge around.  Betsy works inside the office handling reservations, guests and the camp store and I work outside in maintenance.  The job gives us a little extra cash and keeps our minds and bodies active, thus a win-win.

Our social calendar has been pretty full.  Good friends Jen and Deas from Nealy’s on Wheels stopped by for a month before heading out to the Canadian Maritimes.  It was so much fun getting to hang out with them again, show them our favorite spots, and enjoy dinners around the campfire.  Also Rob and Linda who are My Quantum Discovery booked a site for a couple of weeks.  We met them last winter in Florida through RVillage and were particularly interested in getting their feedback about their Entegra Coach.  At the time we met them we had not decided to buy our new coach yet but they helped sell us on the Entegra Coach product.  Rob and Linda are so likeable and I’m sure we will continue to meet up with them.  We also met up with the Jeep Gypsies, Cory and Jennifer.  These are two young outdoor enthusiasts are working on the road and enjoying life as they go along.  While we didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with them during their short visit, they were a perfect match for our happy hour outings. 

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Within just a few days in town, our good friend Bruce (who wisely splits his time between Bar Harbor and the Florida Keys) invited us over for his fabulous homemade pizza.  Bruce is a delight to be around and is always game to come to hang out in the campground and meet new people so we invited him to mingle with the RV crowd.

The great news is we have plenty of more friends headed our way and we never get tired of meeting new people.  So in between working, making sure Spirit's energy demands are taken care of and our social schedule, our days (and evenings) are certainly full.  And we like it that way. 

Thanks to Jen Nealy for this photo while on a dog walk.  She takes incredible photographs so check out her blog or catch her on Instagram.  


  1. Great photo of ya'll on the beach, will it be on this year's Christmas card? ;c)

  2. Are you ever coming back out west?? We would love to see you guys again! Like Paul, love the beach photo!


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