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Sunday, October 18, 2015

RV Park Review–Walmart (Seabrook, New Hampshire)

So this may seem like a really weird RV Park Review post since technically Walmart is not anywhere close to being an RV park.  But, lets face it, sometimes they double as that and the price is right - as in, who doesn't like free?

We have, and will, continue to stay at Walmart’s but are cautious about where they are.  Not just how close it is to the interstate or how big is the lot for our behemoth to turn around in but what is the surrounding area like.  After living in New Orleans and shopping at the Walmart on Tchoupitoulas Avenue and having a friend who witnessed shop lifting every time she shopped there, I can say with confidence it is not a place I would stay overnight in my RV.  Although maybe now it is better since the New Orleans Police Department put in a sub-station there!  We regularly ask other RV’ers about Walmart’s they recommend and appreciate the information.  For that reason, we decided to include our experiences in the RV Park Review section.

As we were driving south on I-95 leaving Maine the rain would not let up, the afternoon was turning to evening, and we decided it was a good time to get off the road.  While our “Walmart OverNight Parking” app (don’t laugh you non-RV’ers there really is such a thing) told us the Seabrook, New Hampshire Walmart allowed overnight parking, we gave them a courtesy call just to make sure and asked where they preferred that we park. The Walmart was only a half mile from I-95 with an easy on and off.

Walmart location
When spending the night at Walmart we don't put our jacks down and only put out a slide if
we need to get into a drawer or closet. 
Walmart is located in the back of a busy shopping plaza and arriving on a Friday meant that it was super busy.  In addition to Walmart there are numerous other big box stores including Petsmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Home Goods, Michaels, etc. 


We found a place along the back to pull over and later when cars started clearing out we moved to a back lot next to the Wal-mart garden center where we were asked to park.  The area was very well lit and quiet which gave us a restful night.  Directly in front of the RV was a large grassy area that was good for walking Spirit. 


There are a few restaurants within a short walking distance including McDonalds, Outback Steakhouse, and a noodle restaurant.  We were able to get a handful of channels using our antenna.  Our Verizon phone worked great and so did out hotspot.

We would definitely stop here again because of its short distance (less than 1/2 mile) from the interstate and how safe we felt.  There were five other RV’s besides us but still room enough for a couple more.


  1. I find "free" Walmarts to be our most expensive RV "park". After a day of travel, it's nice to stretch the legs and walk around inside the store, and find way too many things we need or can't live without. We leave the next day with a much lighter wallet. ;c)

    1. Oh, so true. We find the same with Harvest Host. After buying a bottle or two of wine our no hookup site is more expensive than a full hookup KOA. But there is just something about being all along in a vineyard in an RV.

  2. We always stay at Walmarts when we are on a long road trip. They are usually located right off major highways with easy on and off ramps. Once we arrive, we go inside and thank the management for supporting the RVing community by allowing us to park on their property. It's also a good opportunity to stock up on food and do other shopping. But just like every other place you park, you must be aware of your surroundings and your safety. We once arrived at Walmart location and after we walked through the store and met with the manager, she made a reference to "an incedent" a few weeks earlier. And she would not elaborate. Then, as we walked through the parking lot going back to our coach we saw many people just sitting in their parked cars all over the property. We both felt something isn't right and decided it was not the safest place to spend the night. We then drove to the next Walmart about 30 minutes away were it was perfectly wonderful.


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