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Friday, October 14, 2016

“See Ya Later” Bar Harbor and Summer

Five months of living in the Bar Harbor region is now in the books for 2016.  It is hard to leave a place after being stationary for so long and still having friends lingering in the area.  So with mixed emotions we pulled up the jacks and turned the ignition key with the intent that our wheels would start rolling south.  Both Betsy and I met, and worked, with amazing people that we now, and always will, call friends.  We don’t say “goodbye” in our nomadic world, just “see ya later” as we know our paths will cross again … never knowing where or when … but sometime, someplace.  received_10210530900091008

Our planned three months of part-time summer work took an about-face when the campground was understaffed and my catering gig turned into more than just a part-time job.  Don’t get us wrong, we were up for the challenges, readily accepted the work and responsibility, and loved what we did all summer.  Betsy worked in a familiar environment that was the office in the Encore Narrows Too Camping Resort – a place she has worked for the last three summers.  Two out of the three coworkers returned from last year so there was a nice camaraderie and familiarity of the job.  Not to mention the fact that she loves the people she meets in the office and is always eager to share her love for the area and of lobsters!

For me, working as an Event Chef for Bar Harbor Catering Company brought me back into the culinary world.  The company has grown rapidly in the last few years and their reputation precedes them.  As a caterer in high-demand, there were weekends when numerous events saw a scattering of food and people in all directions … all of which was pulled off flawlessly.  We cooked for some famous people on Mt. Desert Island (which I will refrain from mentioning names) in their private homes, plated dinners for hundreds of wedding guests, and even transported food (via a lobster boat on a foggy day) to a private island for a wedding feast.  There was no shortage of interesting places and spaces we cooked in.  And let me just say not all were “kitchens” as rental equipment meant we could cook just about anywhere.  The job put me in the kitchen with some fabulously talented women (and a few men brave enough to put up with an almost all female staff) who cared as much about their staff as they did the client paying for their service.  Thank you Bar Harbor Catering Company for taking a chance on me and making the job a great experience. 


As is customary in our lives, we met up with RV-traveling friends.  It is always a good time to catch up, share experiences, and enjoy the companionship of other familiar RV’ers.  Our friends Phyllis and Jan dropped in for a visit, Peter and Larry came down from Canada, Tim and Amanda Watson (Watson’s Wander blog) stayed for an extended period, and Cherie and Chris (Technomadia blog) worked their way up the east coast to see us.  Janet and Mike (who we met five years ago at a campground in Florida) showed up in the park and nicely brought us a homemade loaf of bread.  We also met many new people like Tracy and Melinda (Gallavanting Gals) and Steve and Jane (Nest on Wheels blog).  This summer we met the Pouliot Family from New York that relocated to Bar Harbor for a job and, as luck had it, they were camped near us. Three great kids and two fun parents who were full of life were a great addition to the campground, our lives, and Spirit’s play days.  The kids spent many nights running with Spirit and left numerous biscuits on the rock at the end of our driveway. 


Our last day in Bar Harbor was filled with the things we love – hiking in Acadia National Park, eating a delicious lunch of crab cake sandwich and steamer clams at Thurston’s Lobster Pound in Bernard, driving Mt. Desert Island and the Park Loop Road, and eating a lobster dinner at home on our picnic table with a crackling fire to warm us.


We are not going far when we leave Bar Harbor.  It seems we never do.  There is a transition period as leaving Maine is hard.  I really don’t think we could just drive out of the state in one fell swoop as we love it here so much.  So Camden, Maine it is!  Just an hour and a half down Route 1 lies the perfect quintessential trio of coastal harbor towns known as Camden, Rockport, and Rockland.  All of which have quaint shops, colorful art galleries, fabulous restaurants, tempting wine and cheese shops, scenic hiking, and just darn good vibes that fit our style. 

Maine, why are you so perfect?


  1. Sounds like a great summer and a place we need to visit.

  2. Loved your description of Acadia! We stopped there on our big genealogy research and rediscover the East RV trip this summer and ended up staying in Acadia for a bit over 4 weeks -- totally unplanned but the peace and quiet of this area called to us -- our best experience was hiking the Carriage Trails and using the free bus system. Also loved Camden, Maine where we celebrated our 25th anniversary on a windjammer. Will be back to Maine someday!!! Greatly appreciate your blogs - started blogging at the beginning of this trip but realized the amount of effort it took. Hopefully we'll do better next time.


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