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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas

Crater of Diamonds State Park is a place where you literally play the fun and exciting game of “finders, keepers.”  The prize here being diamonds!  In the middle of nowhere Arkansas (a.k.a. the town of Murfreesboro) is a field of 37 acres where for $10/day you can dig to your hearts’ content looking for diamonds making this the only diamond mine in the world open to the public.  And don’t think this is a gimmick.  Over 75,000 diamonds have been found in the “Crater” with an average of 600/year.  The largest diamond found in North America was found at Crater of Diamonds topping out at 40.23 carats.  In 1998, the Strawn-Wagner Diamond weighing 1.09 carats was graded by the American Gem Society as a 0/0/0 “D” Flawless perfect diamond – a “one in a billion diamond” – and found right here in Arkansas. 


The park was established in 1972 “to responsibly manage and interpret this unique site and to provide a meaningful diamond mining experience for all guests and future generations.”  We find that pretty funny because we have never come across a state park whose intent is to provide a meaningful diamond mining experience mission.  All the more reason we wanted to go!  The parks campground is set among beautiful pine trees and offers full hook-up sites large enough to fit our 45’ RV without a problem.  To make our experience even better was the fact that our friends Rob and Linda (My Quantum Discovery bloggers) joined us.  They were traveling east from Texas and were game to try their luck at diamond mining too.

The crater is essentially a plowed field that is the eroded surface of a volcanic crater containing a variety of rocks, crystals, and gemstones.  The field is plowed periodically to expose underlying layers of dirt and gems.  The visitor center has interactive exhibits highlighting the unique history of the park and geology of Arkansas diamonds.  They also tempt you with pictures of diamonds that have been found in the park.  At the Diamond Discovery Center visitors learn about diamonds, but more importantly, techniques on how to find them. 


Once you have rented (or brought your own) diamond digging equipment like trowels, shovels, buckets, sifting screens, etc. then it is time to head out into the crater.  The techniques vary widely from walking along looking for smooth shiny diamonds (because dirt and mud don’t stick to the smooth surface of diamonds) to digging up a bucket full of dirt and sifting through water like gold mining.  We talked to one man who uses a paint brush to lightly brush away loose dirt to reveal the diamonds.  Diamonds come in a rainbow of colors but the predominant colors found here are white, brown, and yellow.  If you think you found a precious stone, staff is on hand to positively identify it for you.  And if you want it, you keep it!  No matter what it is.


Well we didn’t find any precious diamonds or other stones that the park is known for but we did have a great time and it was such a unique experience there was no way that we were going to miss this park.  The campground is very relaxing.  Like most state parks there is ample space between sites.  (The great thing about this park is they have 50 amp full hook-up sites.)  There is a short hiking trail that leads down to a river which was a nice walk and great for letting Spirit have some time to play.  The town of Murfreesboro is tiny with not much to do.  But we did find a fun variety store and great Mexican restaurant, Los Agave, which provided the fuel we needed for spending a few more hours back in the mine.  For a truly unique experience, we would definitely recommend visiting this state park.


  1. We might have to check that out next year and of course, Los Agave too.

  2. Grew up in Arkansas, go back frequently for family visits and can you believe I've never been to the diamond mine!! Going to have to remedy that! Where are you guys headed this summer? Saw your photo in the Escapees magazine yesterday--you haven't changed a bit!

    1. We love your home state. Have family in Ft. Smith so we have been stopping every year to see them and explore some more of Arkansas. Will be spending the summer in the upper mid-west and them move out west ending up in Napa, CA. May see you in Montana this summer.

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