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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Introducing Road & Home Accessories!!

When it comes to outfitting your RV with accessories, the advice you get from dealers and other RVers can be daunting and expensive, no matter what type of RV you have.  But there are some items we have found essential to have on hand.  Eight years of full-time RVing has been plenty of time for us to come up with a list of extra accessories that you may not use on a daily basis but that you will be glad that you have when the situation arises.  We turned to Road & Home™ as our source for getting everything we needed.  Road & Home™ has a comprehensive list of products for RV and mobile home repair, covering the spectra of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, locks, and RV hookups that are available on their website and those of their affiliate partners like Amazon, Lowes, and Menards. 

Their Ready for the Road Checklist is a comprehensive list of repair and replacement items that are good to have on hand to ensure your camping experience is a great one.  All of our items came in a nifty backpack that fits perfectly in the RV basement and makes it easy to find when we need a replacement part. 004

So, let’s talk about what’s on that checklist: 
  • 25' RV Hook Up Cord
  • Electrical Dogbones (a.k.a. Power Adapters)
  • 15- and 30-Amp Outlet Adapters
  • Sewer Hose and Clamps
  • 3” Sewer Cap
  • 25' Drinking Water Hose
  • 40-50-pound Water Pressure Regulator
  • 90° Brass Hose Adapter

Let’s face it, RV parks are not all made the same.  Water, electric, and sewer hook-ups may be in some of the most awkward and poorly placed locations at a campsite, especially older parks that were designed and constructed when a 32’ foot RV was considered a “big-rig.”  Owning a 45’ motorhome means we have found ourselves in need of extensions to reach our coveted water, sewer, and electrical hookups.

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you wanted to pull forward into a back-in site so that you would have a fabulous view of nature out your front window?  But, your factory installed electric cord just wasn’t long enough to allow you to do this.  We have found ourselves in that position numerous times and having a 25’ extra electrical cord allows us to hook up our electric no matter which position we choose.  Two other electrical accessories you may need at some point are a power adapter (commonly referred to as a “dogbone”) and a 15-amp adapter.  The dogbone lets you reduce down from 50 amps to 30 amps or allows a 30-amp RV to plug into a 50-amp hook-up pedestal.  This comes in handy for us as sometimes we find ourselves in campgrounds that only offer 30-amp service when we need 50-amp.  We have also used this in times of cooler weather when we don’t need 50-amps to run our air conditioners and 30-amps would suffice.  Since most campgrounds charge less for a campsite with 30 amp service, choosing that option allows us to reduce our camping costs.  Occasionally, we have left the RV in storage and needed to plug into a 110v outlet to run our residential refrigerator and maintain the battery banks.  Having a 50 amp to 30 amp dogbone and a 30 to 15 amp adapter allows us to plug right into a 110v outlet so we are worry free, and everything is charged and ready to go when we return.   


In addition to the extra electrical cord, we always carry spare water and sewer hoses.   Who would want to pay for a full hook-up site and not be able to use those amenities because you can’t reach them?  Or what if you spring a leak?  There is lots of wear and tear on sewer hoses being left out in the sun, stuffed into storage containers, or suffering the wrath of a weed eater that comes too close.  (The latter has happened to us!)   The last thing you, or the campground wants, is a leaking sewer hose dumping undesirable waste on the ground.  A spare sewer hose and clamps are all you need to make sure you have a tight and clean sewer connection.  One other sewer item that is good to have on hand is a sewer cap that fits over your 3" sewer outlet.  Nobody wants a faulty sewer cap that is broken or doesn’t seal properly which can make for very unsanitary messes, so carrying a spare is a good idea.  The Road & Home™ RV Waste Cap comes with a garden hose flush attachment so you can easily flush out your tanks.


We always carry a spare fresh water hose for the times when we can’t reach a spigot or in case of contamination.  As a means to keep the hose clean, we link both ends of the hose together so that no bugs or dirt get in.  The saying “you get what you pay for” is true when it comes to water hoses, as less expensive ones are more likely to kink and spring a leak.  The best way to attach your water hose is with a 90-degree brass elbow which is another great accessory that eliminates the stress on the fittings and allows the hose to hang straight down from the intake.  While the brass adapter protects your hose and fittings, you always want to have a water pressure regulator at the spigot to protect your RV's internal plumbing.  Most RV plumbing systems are designed to work around 40-50 psi, but some parks have extremely high water pressure approaching 80-100 psi which can severely damage your plumbing.  These little handy devices are often left behind, so it’s good to have a spare just in case you forgot to unscrew it at the last campground.  

So, while the summer season may be coming to a close, some of the best weather is fast approaching, and fall is a great time to spend time in the outdoors.  No matter what time of year you are camping, you don’t want to be left without the supplies you need for a stress-free, fun adventure.  Check out the Road & Home™ Ready for the Road Checklist.


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