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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Product Review: CLEAR2O® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter

We are often asked what we do about making sure we have good water because we use so many different campground water systems and we don’t want to spend a lot on bottled water.  One must-have item for our RV is a good water filter.  A good filter not only improves drinking water by eliminating smell and bad taste, but it removes hard minerals and impurities that will cause rust stains and sediment build up in your pipes and fixtures.  We prefer to drink water from our faucet in order to reduce the use of bottled water.  So clean, good tasting water is definitely important.  If you have a wash machine and dishwasher you will appreciate no rust stains on your clothes or spotty glass ware. 

Recently, we switched our water filter from the common blue one to the new GREEN filter…the CLEAR2O® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter.  While this filter is slightly more expensive (retailing for $29.80 at Walmart) than the Camco Tastepure blue filter (retailing for $25.97 for a two-pack at Walmart), it was appealing because it has a one micron solid carbon block filter (versus a 100 micron) that reduces more contaminants and eliminates sulfur odors, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful contaminants.  The result is great tasting water with no smell.  

This filter has the capacity to last six months versus the common  blue filters that the manufacturer recommends changing every three months, but both time frames depend on your starting water quality.  Since using the filter we have noticed a decrease in water pressure which is to be expected because of the more filtration but love the clean tasting water.  The decrease in water pressure indicates that the filter is indeed filtering out many particulates and it is being clogged.  After less than three months we had to replace the filter because the water pressure was so low it made showering difficult.  The company indicated that they are developing a pre-filter, the DirtGUARD, that will strip away sediments before reaching the carbon filter thus making them last longer.  We are not sure of the retail price of the DirtGUARD, but obviously, it will increase the overall cost of water filtration.  

The filter is readily available at Walmart and online and is very easy to attach and no tools are required.  The CLEAR2O® filter attaches easily to any standard garden or water hose so there is no need for modifications.  Simply screw it to the spigot and attach your RV water hose to the other end and you are done.  

Being a full-time RVer means we are always in different parts of the country and water quality varies highly.  In the time that we used the filter, we visited nine different RV parks in 4 states.  The CLEAR2O® filter did provide us with consistent water quality and we never worried about whether the water will taste or smell bad depending on our location.  We will give the CLEAR2O® filter another try when the DirtGUARD becomes available and hope that it lasts longer.  

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'll have to consider this next time we change our filters


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