Have you ever wanted to sell everything you own and just "take off?" Travel the country's back roads, paddle down a meandering stream, experience breath-taking mountain views, walk among 100-year old trees, and just marvel at America's beauty? That is the dream that my partner, Betsy, and I decided to make a reality. This blog describes our adventure. The food we eat, people we meet, sights we see, and the enjoyment we find in traveling.

About Us

Dr. Betsy Dresser and Nancy Walters met 20 years ago while working at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Betsy was the founder and Director of the Center for Research of Endangered Wildlife and Nancy was a cat trainer with the Cat Ambassador Program. Needless to say, a common interest in wildlife and nature is shared.

A move to New Orleans, Louisiana came after Betsy accepted the job of Senior Vice-President/Research at the Audubon Nature Institute in 1996 and the Director of the then newly formed Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species.
She began by building a team of scientists to continue the important work of saving endangered species. She and her teams have produced 28 world’s scientific firsts.  Such accomplishments included the world’s first test tube gorilla, the first wild species kittens from embryo transfer as well as the first endangered antelope from embryo transfer, the first cloned cats and a transgenic cat known as Mr. Green Genes that glowed and was seen on the Today Show in 2008.   

After moving to Louisiana, Nancy finished her studies at Louisiana State University with a Master’s degree in Wildlife Science and began working as a wildlife biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and later with the National Park Service.

After 10 years with the government, Nancy had a radical career shift and followed her passion into the culinary field. While attending culinary school she worked for Audubon Nature Institute Catering and then switched to renowned Chef John Besh’s The American Sector.

No introduction to us would be complete without you meeting "Spirit" our young Labrador retriever.  We got her from Black Rock Labradors as an 8-week old bundle of joyous fur.  Many people laughed at us when we said we were going to raise a puppy in a motorhome and wished us good luck.  Spirit quickly got the nickname "Angel Dog" as she has never once chewed a wire, a carpet, furniture, cabinet, etc.  Although she has been known to dig up a campsite or two!  She is a great companion and has adjusted perfectly to living in a motorhome.

Now that Betsy and Nancy are traveling across the country, new opportunities will present themselves. Betsy’s plans are to continue writing a book that describes the use of technology to save endangered species. Her other plans are to lecture and learn new skills, including a possible stint in a pizza parlor and volunteering for lobster fest in Maine. Nancy hopes to work seasonal jobs as a wildlife biologist or continue in the culinary field.

Needless to say, travelling seems to always provide gracious inspiration that allows the soul to feel and the mind to wander. We sold our belongings, stored the remainder and have decided that our travels will lead us to a new place to settle. Where that is …. we don’t know, nor does it matter at this point in time. That is the fun of the adventure. In the meantime, we will be chasing sunsets, photographing rainbows, kayaking and watching glorious sunsets (and eating lobster!).


  1. This is a great blog and I'm really enjoying it. I'm looking forward to your updates on your travels and adventures.
    Dave Jardine :+)

  2. This has been so much fun to read and is definitly one of the greatest blogs out there, can't wait to see what the future brings. I'm looking forward to Dr. Dresser's adventures working at the Pizza Shop. And just so you know you've been nominated for a blogger's choice award.

  3. these two great women are living the dream!!!! they are very missed in new orleans, but we who love them are living vicariously!


  5. Are you aware of the "Hardy Boat" cruise to Eastern Egg Island for a leisurely cruise around the uninhabited "by humans" island to view close up hundreds and hundreds of birds, INCLUDING many PUFFINS. We were just there and took the afternoon cruise.
    Lorraine added several birds including the Puffins to her lifelist. The boat is out of New Harbor, just east of you.
    ($24. pp) 1.5 hr cruise.
    Ford & Lorraine

  6. Betsy, did you ever have reason to collaborate with Alex Travis at the J.A. Baker Institute (Cornell)? Just curious.


  7. I am delighted that I found your blog, via HitchItch. Looking forward to reading the back stories and following along in the future. Interesting people doing interesting things!

  8. Hello! We met you (Nancy and Spirit) today in Grayton Beach State Park. We went by your neighbor's with the 3 dogs and talked to them for awhile too! It was nice to bump into you and chat for a minute. How long are you staying? We may ride through there again in the next few days - if you're still there we'd love to stop by and chat some more!

  9. Hi Betsy. it is awesome you are following another dream and enjoying retirement. I really miss working with you and wish you the best life has to offer! If you are ever in the Queen City stop and visit. Gary

  10. Betsy!! Love your blog! My mom and Bill told me you two were on this great adventure...looks fantastic. Justin and I are living in Albuquerque, NM on 11 acres with our four dogs...we would love for you and Nancy to visit us if you happen to make it to the southwest...!! My email is miriamkan81@gmail.com...let us know if you want to drop in:)) Have safe, fun travels!

  11. I have enjoyed following the adventures I can not wait to join you in a few years, we'll be out on the road.. good luck and best wishes...

    1. Thanks for the note. Don't wait too long! We have not regretted our decision to full-time for one moment.

  12. So happy to find your blog. We are planning to begin a 6-12 month RV trip within the next year. Our "practice run" will probably be a 3-week trip to Florida this fall. Finding your Florida trip posts was just the ticket for planning purposes! Roll on, Ladies!!

  13. Hi there! Just came across your blog and absolutely love it! My husband and I are full-timers as well and it looks like we've set up at camp a few of the same places as you in California. (PCH Huntington Beach up to Pismo Beach run) I'm looking forward to reading more about your travels. Best wishes for the New Year, may it be filled with lots and lots of happy, healthy and safe miles! :-)

  14. Hi Ladies,
    Somehow I lost you when we changed servers but have recently re-connected. I have missed your posts but now look forward to catching up. Hope all is well with you all! We miss you down in NOLA!

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  16. Hi Gals, I just caught your video on Technomadia. I'm a recently retired teacher and have been enjoying travels in my 19 foot travel trailer. I took some oil painting lessons at Ghost Ranch NM, spent November in and around Zion and southern Utah. And I just returned from three weeks in the Gila Box Riparian area of So. East Arizona. Next up, Baja. Anyway, love your blog, will take my time reading your past posts, and I subscribed too. I'm the Artist in Residence at Acadia National Park in June 2015, so if you're down east please visit the park and introduce yourself. I'm spending a month or more in the Rockport, Camden, area too. I taught photography for many years at the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport. I look forward to hearing/reading more. And thanks for coming out and showing that there's nothing to fear in coming out to the RV community.

  17. Hello! This isn't strictly related to your blog (although I've been reading through it and your trip sounds like a dream) but I was hoping to get in contact with you and this seemed easiest. I actually met you both a couple of years ago in New Orleans when I came to visit with my mom, Joan Madsen. I'm a senior now and I'm more interested in wildlife conservation as a career than ever and I was hoping if I could get your advice on some college related things like if you know any places with particularly strong zoology programs and such? Could I possibly e-mail you?

    1. Hi Anna. Betsy's email is betsy_dresser@yahoo.com and she would be happy to provide some advice.

  18. What a great blog! Thank you for sharing your adventure. It's exactly what my partner and I plan to do in the near future so you are providing us with a very helpful vision. Our dream is very do-able!

  19. Just met you earlier this afternoon (November 10) in front of your motor home - what a fascinating story. Best wishes on your upcoming adventures.


    1. Hi again, Nice talking to you earlier. Hope you enjoyed the beautiful sunny day today. Safe travels.

  20. You ladies are stylin' in that fancy rig! ..and what a great blog you've created...thanks for all the info and travels. Thanks for your efforts with the animals...interesting work. Be well, do well.

  21. You ladies are stylin' in that fancy rig! ..and what a great blog you've created...thanks for all the info and travels. Thanks for your efforts with the animals...interesting work. Be well, do well.

  22. Hello Ladies,
    Thank you for the inspiration that you've given me through your great blog.
    My name is Nicole, and my partner and I have been together for 20 years now. We are travel-holics, and are on the road every chance we get. Our motto "Pack a lunch and take a road to anywhere"!!!! There's so much beauty to discover. We live in the central Sacramento Valley, and we're literally 2 hrs from either the ocean, or Reno NV/Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, so our weekend day trips keep us happy. Our future is to be ON THE ROAD full time. BUT, our jobs "now" keep us in a beautiful home, with the ability to do our weekend and/or day trips, so I guess you can say that we "work to travel". We have our "beginner" 27' Tioga that we've had from Seattle down to L.A., and back east as far as Oklahoma. We dream of being Full Time RV'ers, and feel in our Whole Being that we're meant for the road.
    I've read and done some research, but there is that FEAR of what if we end up holding a sign outside Walmart..... sigh
    But seriously, we have no investments except our home, and only a small retirement that we won't touch for a long while. Going in the later part of our forties, and we're done with corporate america. Our sense of adventure is there, but not being sure about the money coming in is the essential part of this huge life changing decision. We both have a long work history in Management, so we'd be able to work anywhere. I guess I'm just reaching out to finally talk with people that are actually making this dream a reality, and get some feedback on the "how to's" so to speak.
    Even my Mom knows how passionate we are about our travels and has told me to check out Workamping.com, you can get paid and travel from place to place, she says. Sounds easy enough, not....
    It's funny, we have so many friends and family that look forward to our facebook updates and pictures to see where we traveled to. They say that they live vicariously through our travels. LOL...
    Thanks for listening. Safe Travels to you both.

  23. Good afternoon Ladies ! (well, it's afternoon here in central NJ on Sunday, Sept 24, 2016) I am Jason, and my wife is Dawn, and we have been reading about and researching everything possible for about 2 years now, on RV's and RV'ing. We also have a dream of getting out on the road and doing exactly what you two are currently doing. I've been reading your posts and truly enjoying hearing all about where you go, what you experience and who you meet. Makes for GREAT reading ! A LOT of material for us to take in. My wife and I are still a few (4-5) years away from selling off everything and hitting the road, but our first choice coach is the Entegra Anthem. I really admire both of you for living your adventure and taking the time to write so well about it. Thank You both ! Keep up the blog. Safe travels, health and happiness. To Spirit too !! Jason H. :-)

  24. Hi Betsy and Nancy,,

    I really enjoyed reading some of your blog posts today. It's an awesome resource for anyone looking to get into the RV'ing lifestyle.

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  25. Hi Betsy & Nancy! Just wanted to say hello! My husband and I also have a 2015 Anthem with the Midnight Illusion exterior and love it. Only difference is we have the 44B floorplan. We plan to full-time as soon as we are completely retired. I'd say we're in the motorhome about 50% of the time at present. So glad to have found your blog...so much info...thank you!

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  28. We are looking for RV "resorts", or simply nice places to visit, but specifically with biking or walking trails to restaurants, some shops, etc. Example - Grayton Beach's access to Grayton and Watercolor/Seaside is perfect, but yet a bit of a distance. Orange Beach biking/walking access is anything but perfect, because of the 60mph busy 5-lane highway you must cross to anything. Do you have any recommendations for us? Looking for next summer. Thank you!


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