Have you ever wanted to sell everything you own and just "take off?" Travel the country's back roads, paddle down a meandering stream, experience breath-taking mountain views, walk among 100-year old trees, and just marvel at America's beauty? That is the dream that my partner, Betsy, and I decided to make a reality. This blog describes our adventure. The food we eat, people we meet, sights we see, and the enjoyment we find in traveling.

Take a Bite

         Beer battered artichoke hearts with spicy ranch dipping sauce
         Boiled peanuts
         Jalapeno, bacon, and cheddar baked oysters
         Maryland blue crab and hot jalapeno dip
         Parmesan Baked Oysters

          Boeuf bourguignon (aka beef stew)
          Spiced rubbed skirt steak

          Lime-orange margarita (a.k.a. "tooth-ache" margarita)
          Spiked fireside lemonade

          Maples Inn blueberry stuffed French toast with blueberry sauce
          Stuffed crepes with cherry-brandy sauce

          Chive popovers
          Dinner rolls

          Apple pie
          Blueberry galette
          Chocolate munchkins
          English toffee
          Fleur de sel chocolate caramels
          Huckleberry hand pie
          Key lime pie
          King cake
          Starbuck's lemon loaf
          Vanilla Rum Custard
          Whoopie pie

         Penne pasta with sun-dried tomato cream sauce

         Carolina pulled pork
         Grilled spiced pork chops with maple-balsamic glaze
         Pork tenderloin stuffed with blue cheese and a blackberry-syrah sauce
          Chicken with white barbecue sauce
          Honey grilled chicken with citrus salad and toasted almonds
          Panko chicken salad with grilled stone fruit and pomegranate-balsamic dressing 
          Tequila-orange grilled Cornish game hens with peach chutney

Side Dishes
          Chive popovers
          Hoppin' john
          Grilled asparagus couscous
          Sweet corn pudding souffle

          Blueberry salad with herbed goat cheese and spiced walnut brittle

          Blueberry barbecue sauce
          Spicy ranch dipping sauce

          Crab cakes with chipotle remoulade 
          Grilled shrimp po'boys with remoulade
          Jalapeno, bacon, and cheddar baked oysters
          Lobster stew
          Maryland blue crab and hot jalapeno dip
          Parmesan baked oysters
          Steamed clams - "steamers"

          Chicken and sausage gumbo
          Cincinnati chili
          Gingered coconut butternut squash soup
          Lobster stew

          Beer battered artichoke hearts with spicy ranch dipping sauce
          Sweet corn pudding souffle


  1. My partner (of 18 yrs) and I have been considering selling everything and moving out onto the road!! I had genuine concerns about us being on the road as a gay couple as well as us being two women but after watching your interview with technomadia, I am ready to "go go"! NOW!! It brought me such peace knowing there are other lesbian couples out there living on the road and being gay isn't an issue. Although, everywhere we go people think we are sisters anyway. I'm 5 yrs younger but have a lot more gray hair so I'm usually thought to be the older sister lol. Our 3 kids are now grown so it's just us, our pug and our orange tabby cat so we figured it was time for us to let go of everything holding us down & begin preparing to live mobile. Since your interview, I'm even more excited to begin our new journey. Also, it's awesome that you can cook all these things in your home on wheels. I love cooking so giving up a full size kitchen, I believed, would be difficult for me. Not anymore! You have inspired one more couple to take the plunge and live free! Keep sharing your story.. more of us need to see it! =) K&P

  2. I have a question for Nancy... My husband and I are getting ready to become full-timers and, as I'm sure you know, it sometimes feels a little overwhelming trying to figure it all out. I'm a foodie and, though not on the same level as Nancy, would like to be able to do some 'real' cooking while on the road. I'm not sure what kitchen items I should plan on bringing in the RV without overdoing it. Would you be willing to post a kitchen 'must have' list from your point of view?

    Thanks for sharing the great recipes!

    1. I definitely will. That is something I have been planning on doing for a long time. Started out not taking somethings (i.e, a mandolin, cake pan, pie plate, etc.) and then ended up buying them on the road and took somethings only to later get rid of them (i.e.,ice cream maker). Hard to know what to take but think about what you use now and plan on taking those items. My cooking habits never changed so plan on yours not changing either. Squeeze in as much as you can.

    2. Great, thanks Nancy! I'll be looking forward to it. In the mean time, I'm thrilled to hear you say that we should plan on taking what I use now. I'm a little embarrassed about how much I stress about which of my kitchen appliances I should leave behind. Luckily, we have a Tiffin bus, so I shouldn't have any trouble finding room for things!

    3. Ann, if you send me your email at nancyfwalters@hotmail.com I will be a little more specific. Would love to help if I can.


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